Puzzled about direct mail? Don’t be!  We are experts in managing print and distribution for direct mail campaigns.  Our marketing team will develop a polished marketing piece to send to a select list of customers and ensure the piece travels at the most cost-effective rate.


    Got permit? Not to worry!  If your business or non-profit organization does not currently hold a valid permit, we are able to use ours to obtain valuable savings on postage costs.  Many times, we can design, print & mail your marketing piece for what you normally would spend just on a postage stamp!


    Make it about them! Is this possible?  Absolutely!  Variable Data Imaging (VDI) allows you to personalize multiple parts of your marketing message as the piece is printing.  For example, if you are a salon, you can send a postcard to a patron you have not seen in a while by name (We’ve missed you, Sally!), and include an offer for a service Sally particularly purchases (15% off waxing services).  Your clients will be impressed with how much you know about them and you will have a better redemption rate by targeting their specific interest.  And we make it easy!


    According to the USPS, Millstream-Kennedy is ranked as the Third Largest Direct Mailer in Northwest Ohio and our customers continue to use our Direct Mail services in greater volumes every month. With over 13 years of experience, we have learned and corrected some of the most common mistakes associated with Direct Mail. This learning process has allowed us to become one of the more efficient Direct Mailers in the State. Next time you are ready to advertise your brand, give Millstream-Kennedy's Direct Mail Services a try, you'll be happy you did. When your printed project is finished, we can also manage your mailing services to save you time and energy. We offer a full-service, turn-key mailing solution. Listed are some of the mailing services we can provide:


    Folding  •  Inserting  •  Collating  •  Gathering  •  Sealing  •  Labeling

    Standard mail  •  Bulk mail  •  Delivery to post office  •  Database management  •  ZIP code sorting


    How does it work? A typical mailing project will follow these steps:

    1) Request an estimate and begin review of your project needs.

    2) Schedule a mailing date and arrange to have printed materials to MKI in the agreed upon time frame.

    3) Send mailing list and instructions to MKI.

    4) Postage payment is required before the scheduled mailing date.

    5) After the mailing, arrange to have extra materials and data picked up, or we can recycle them.


    MKI is a specialty commercial printer that specializes in short and long run jobs using State-of-the-Art computer-to-plate printing for one, two, three, and four color printing - envelopes, letterhead, business cards, stationery, 3-part NCR, etc… Our 5 color (White or Clear) digital press is great for short-run, on demand and variable image printing such as: Brochures, booklets, flyers, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, manuals, Point-of-Purchase materials,  sell sheets

    and more!


    Click here for all you need to know about our Graphic Design Services.


    Do you have custom printing orders you require on a regular basis? Millstream-Kennedy streamlines the order process with clients who require customized printing and ordering solutions. We create order entry forms based on your product line to expedite the ordering process. This allows you to place printing orders 24/7 from your computer anywhere in the world.


    Finishing services including: cutting, folding, stitching, rounded corners, padding, drilling, shrink wrapping, laminating, collating, coil, comb, booklet and spiral binding.


    Millstream-Kennedy’s print-on-demand fulfillment service allows clients to produce smaller runs and reduce printing and storage expenses. From printing documents to distributing training manuals Millstream-Kennedy will process the order, adjust inventory data, and produce, assemble and ship the order.


    This service makes it possible for agencies to eliminate the need for storing large quantities of documents in anticipation of future requests. Frequently, these documents become obsolete and must be recycled to accommodate updated versions. Nationally, organizations end up recycling 60 percent of all documents stored in warehouses.


    Fulfillment can take care of every aspect of a project in one convenient location. Services include:


    Printing  •  Inventory tracking  •  Binding  •  Order processing  •  Assembly & packaging

    Accounting  •  Secure storage  •  Shipping & mailing  •  Sales & inventory reports


    Here are just a few of the items you can get to promote your company/organization. Click here to order.

    • Caps & Hats

    • Kitchen & Home

    • Mugs & Drinkware

    • Food & Drink

    • Outdoors & Sports

    • Political Items

    • Clocks & Watches

    • Desktop Items

    • Calculators & Electronics

    • Golf & Cigar Accessories

    • Office & Business Supplies

    • Games, Toys & Fun

    • Apparel

    • Automotive Products

    • Awards & Recognition

    • Bags, Packs & Portfolios

    • Buttons & Lanyards

    • Eco-friendly products

    • Personal Accessories

    • Tools, Keychains etc...

    • Travel Items

    • Pens & Writing

    • Computer Accessories

    • Tablet Accessories


    Millstream-Kennedy uses our delivery van, USPS®, and UPS® to deliver to our customers fast.


    Do you need to meet federal allergen compliance? Allergen awareness is becoming the most crucial issue in the food industry. Allergens must be identifiable. AL-AWARE® labels are designed to help you educate every employee when they are handling an allergen. Each Label is uniquely designed with a separate Color-Code combined with a unique Symbol to enhance recognition from a distance. The labels will provide a lasting impression that will help recognize a serious risk in today's Food Manufacturing Environment. Go to www.al-aware.com for ordering and for more detailed information.


    Click here for all you need to know about our Digital Publishing Services.

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