Millstream-Kennedy Inc. was established on July 1, 2015. The company is a merger between Millstream Press Inc. and Kennedy Printing Co.


    Millstream Press was established in the 1950's and over the last 60 years has maintained and grown with the advancing technology in the graphic services environment. Kennedy Printing was established in the 1880's and has been remarkably steadfast in growth and enhanced core values.


    Together, as Millstream-Kennedy Inc. (MKI), we are a totally American-based company with a  mission to offer our local and national customers a smooth flow from printed products such as stationery, business cards, business forms, manuals, flyers, brochures to promotional items, digital publishing, online ordering, fulfillment, direct mailing and shipping, on time and on budget.


    Millstream-Kennedy staff, with over 150 years in combined experience, is dedicated to maintaining steady and strong customer relationships. We offer our rich experience to our customers to avoid problems by giving advice and listening to their concerns for every job. We strive to make the process as easy and helpful as possible and take the guess work out of your marketing needs. We determine the job’s objective, with our customer and figure out what we need to do to meet those needs. The bottom line is this...we specialize in the kind of printing you use to communicate with your customers and your employees.


    MKI Helps Deliver Solutions with…


    People – Our people are the most important factor of our success. The average tenure of our employees is over 18 years. That translates into experience and integrity. We have the experience to get your job done right. Our entire staff is dedicated to quality-driven value and commitment to the customer.


    Productivity - We strive to supply our customers with what they need, when they need it.


    Products – MKI is an all-in-one place for all products and services provided by the graphic arts industry. From concept to fulfillment to digital publishing, we offer a complete solution to all of your printing, packaging, and distribution needs. There is practically no job too big or too small for us to complete from start to finish.



    Mark Keesey


    Since 2000




     Roxanne Traucht

    Graphic Designer/Pre-Press

    Since 1980





    Carol Cornwell

    Project Manager

    Since 2005



    Mark Seimet

    General Manager

    Since 1986




     Roger Keeran

    Digital Pre-Press

    Since 2000





     Sue Thiel

    Pre-Press/Project Manager


    Since 1984



    Dave Gallant

    Production Manager

    Since 2006




    Erin Spradlin

    Graphic/Web Designer

    Since 2017





    Bill Gabella

    Account Executive

    Since 2011



    Roger Clark

    Business Manager

    Since 1992











    Jennifer Dysinger

    Account Manager

    Since 2018




  • F.A.Q.

    What types of products and services do you provide?

    Full color printing with quantities ranging from one to many thousands of copies. Sizes can vary from smaller than a business card up to a sheet size of 23 x 29. Products range from business cards and stationary, literature of many sizes and page counts, posters, calendars, handbooks, and so much more. And of course all printing can be mailed right from MKI


    How much does my printing project cost?

    With such a wide range of capabilities, paper availability, and technologies, it is difficult for us to produce an easy to use price list. Kennedy Printing takes great pride in offering our customers EXACTLY what they want, not just the standard sizes and materials. So each job is quoted to the specifications as defined by our customers. See our get a quote section to receive your custom quote.


    Why should I care so much about color control?

    In most cases, once you leave your potential customer, the only thing left in their hands for them to remember you is your literature. The quality of your literature can relay the quality of service or product you provide. Poor quality literature can imply substandard products or services. Leave your best impression behind with a silent sales tool. Leave great looking literature.


    What resolution should I save my pictures and graphics?

    The resolution should be 300 dpi. Pictures and graphics found on the internet are typically 72 dpi. Avoid using these graphics, as they will appear pixilated or fuzzy in the final product. Also note, save images in CMYK mode and not RGB. RGB images will not print properly.


    Why do I need a proof?

    A proof is your only opportunity to see a printed copy or PDF after pre-press has processed your file. You must make sure the proof has everything on it, in the right place, and in the right color. Our pressmen are trained to make sure your print project matches the proof as closely as possible.


    Why does my proof look different than my screen and my laser printout?

    Laser printers and computer monitors produce colors differently than printing presses. Printers and monitors produce color in the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color spectrum. Printing presses produce color using the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color spectrum. The RGB spectrum is wider than the CMYK spectrum causing some colors (most notably red) to be a little less vibrant than expected. In some cases this can be alleviated using a fifth color unit and selecting a replacement ink color from the PMS color chart.


    Is white a color?

    Usually not. White is the color of the paper, and is showing due to a lack of ink in that particular area. However, when printing on color paper, white ink can be used.


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